Eva Worobiec

Eva Worobiec is a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society who concentrates mainly on colour photography. Her most significant work appeared in  “Ghosts in the Wilderness: Abandoned America”, a shared project with her husband Tony, which documents the depleting communities of eastern Montana, western Nebraska, North and South Dakota and the Pawnee Grasslands of northeast Colorado.  Time spent travelling in these sparsely populated areas has led to her interest in capturing minimalist and open landscapes, as opposed to many of the romantic honeypots to be found in more touristy areas.

Eva followed up this body of work with a related project capturing the dwindling glamour of many of the independent diners, motels and theaters that continue to survive despite the odds. These photographs are an attempt to celebrate the iconic beacons which epitomize the American dream and to ensure that they do not become a fading memory and have been published by AAPPL under the title “Icons of the Highway: a celebration of Small-Town America”. Eva & Tony were invited to show a selection of this work in a 6-month exhibition at the prestigious Fox Talbot Museum in Lacock, reviews of which were featured on the websites of the BBC and the Guardian newspaper.

Having spent most of her life by the coast, albeit in different parts of England, she also tends to prefer photographing near the sea or by water, often capturing seemingly insignificant elements and structures in the quiet light of dawn or dusk. Many of these images, as well as photographs of more familiar piers, have appeared in “Coast; a personal view of the English coastline”, a book which features work by Eva & Tony Worobiec, Sue Brown, Paul Mitchell and Trevor Crone.

Her latest joint publication, along with husband Tony, is entitled “Abandoned on the Plains: Fragments of the American Dream”, a follow-up to the highly successful “Ghosts in the Wilderness”. This is a full-colour softback book portraying the poignant remains of rural settlement on the expansive High Plains. Examples of the images can be seen on this page and on Eva’s and Tony’s own websites.